Lesley Neuman




Lesley Neuman is best know for her work with wild horses. She has been a popular clinician at BLM wild horses adoptions for many years. She has a rare ability to read, communicate with, and gentle wild/unhandled horses. At the same time she is working the horse, she is explaining to her human audience what she is doing, what the horse is doing and why.

Lesley is modest, down-to-earth, articulate — and good! She clearly loves the horses and is able to use her abilities to ease their transition from wild to domestic. She has an "understanding" of the wild horse few others possess. Lesley's quiet leadership style and effective demonstrations inspire people to communicate more effectively with their own horses.

She has been involved in horses her entire life and mustangs for the past 30 years. Her background with horses covers western, english, jumping, endurance riding and back country packing.

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