Lesley Neuman


Lesley Neuman is a gifted trainer with a rare ability to read, understand, and relate to wild and unhandled horses. She also has an uncommon gift for communicating with her human audience, while in the process of guiding a wild horse from panicked captivity to comfort and confidence in humans.

Photos  -- Jeff Fontana


Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your quiet, respectful training.  You truly have a gift.

Ramona Bishop, Oregon


Lesley is fantastic!  It is amazing the things she gets those horses to do in no time at all ... It gives me so many suggestions for things to try with Josie and the boys.  

Regards,  Julie Yocom



This weekend I finally had some time to view some horse tapes - namely Lesley Neuman's The First Touch. I truly enjoyed that tape.  I like the way this lady handles horses. You can see that this person truly loves the horse. She works with understanding, and I like her comments as to what she is doing or attempting. Real honesty, no bragging BS. I would recommend this tape to everyone interested in handling mustangs, but also in handling horses in general. You can clearly see the change in each horse she handled.

Ron in Illinois


Lesley's video is just the best out there. So many videos are done so vaguely: you watch some guy do this stuff and realize you still don't know exactly how. Lesley tells you exactly how.

Lisa Dines


$45 + $5 sh/h